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Janice Hatt

Janice Hatt

Janice Hatt

Hometown: Trenton, Nova Scotia

Janice was raised in Trenton, Nova Scotia. As a paraplegic, due to unknown childhood spinal nerve damage, Janice has been inspired by Rick Hansen since she was a child. At nine years old, she presented the funds raised by the town of Trenton to Rick in the original Man In Motion Tour. A photo of Janice and Rick hung on her bedroom wall and has been a continuous reminder of motivation since she first shook Rick's hand.

"Meeting Rick was an amazing experience that changed my life, he is a true inspiration and living proof that nothing should ever get in the way of your dreams and there are no obstacles too big to overcome" Janice said. "I live my life by that same motto every day."

In 2005 Janice's husband's new career sent her family across Canada to Port Alberni, BC (ironically where Rick was born). The same photo hung on her wall on the west coast until the picture was lost during the move back to Nova Scotia in 2006. For Janice, Rick Hansen is her hero and a real difference maker in her life.

Janice is an advocate for accessibility and equality for those who face challenges such as herself. She gives input on many accessibility issues in her community, including writing letters to newspapers, as well as to local business and employers to address these concerns. Janice has volunteered at the local hospital and used her creative talents at a local school to help students explore creativity through various art projects. As an artist in painting and hand-crafted jewellery, Janice has donated much of her work to raise funds for various causes. Janice has also used her online marketing skills to create awareness of the Rick Hansen Relay in for the Town of New Glasgow which neighbours her hometown of Trenton, NS

Janice is honoured to take in the Rick Hansen Relay 25 years later, only this time her husband and three children will be standing with her. The town of Trenton found the archived photo of Janice and Rick, and her inspirational image was returned.


A nine year old Janice Hatt waits to present Rick Hansen with funds raised by the Town of Trenton during the original Man in Motion World Tour.

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