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Henderson Paris

Henderson Paris

Henderson Paris

Hometown: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Henderson Paris is an inspiring leader in his community of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Henderson founded a local Run Against Racism event to bring awareness on eliminating racial discrimination in schools. The event created spin-off events at St. Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish and in the community of Truro, which continues Henderson's goal of equality. The event has helped remove many physical and social barriers while celebrating diversity and promoting cultural awareness and accessible communities throughout the Pictou County. Henderson's achievements were even featured on the CBC-TV program called "On the Road Again."

Henderson ran with Rick 25 years ago during his visit in New Glasgow, an influential moment, which he says is his motivation to make change. He uses Rick's story in his motivational speeches to students on racism and equality. Henderson wants to participate in the Relay "because when Rick came to our town in 1986 I was impressed and motivated by him as a person, an athlete, an ambassador and as someone whom I saw as bringing the world together for a specific cause," Henderson said. "Twenty five years later I am excited now as I was back in 1986."

Henderson credits his wife Carol as the Difference Maker in his life. "She is an inspiration to me but also to the thousands of students she has worked with over the years." Her commitment, dedication and her caring ways have won the love and respect from everyone she has worked with on equality issues in various communities and schools.

Henderson is a true Difference Maker, receiving numerous awards including the Human Rights Citizenship Award, YM/YWCA Canada Peace Medal, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Race Relations Award, Meritorious Service Medal from Royal Canadian Legion, and was inducted into Pictou County Sport Heritage Hall of Fame.

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