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Amelia Mannarino

Amelia Mannarino

Amelia Mannarino

Hometown: Montreal, QC

From Montreal, Quebec, Amelia is a true Difference Maker. The University of McGill engineering student is always finding ways to make life a little easier for everyone. Amelia volunteers with refuges teaching English and supporting their transition to Canada. She has spent many summers as a YWCA camp counsellor and canoe trip leader as part of the Reach for the Rainbow Program, which enable kids with special needs to go to camp. Amelia promotes leadership and teamwork as well as healthy living and a love for the outdoors to her fellow campers. This summer, Amelia will head to Northern Manitoba to plant trees, hoping to replenish the environment in a small way.

Amelia has been inspired to be a Difference Maker by an 11-year old Sudanese refugee girl whom she helped to learn to speak English. Over the years, Amelia watched her struggle with a new language, and integration into her school. Her success is an example of how determination, courage and intelligence can accomplish something. Amelia believes an accessible community includes people like her young friend, and helping a little bit, not only benefits an individual but makes a better community for all.

Amelia wants to take part in the Rick Hansen Relay because "I see it as a unique opportunity to make a difference in a broader way, by highlighting the importance of making our society more inclusive and more accessible for people with disabilities," said Amelia. "While I have taken part in a one-on-one way with other programs that are aimed at helping individuals with challenges or physical or mental disabilities, I think the Relay is a great way to raise public awareness."

Amelia knows what it's like to face adversity too. As one of the only female students in most of her classes in the Mechanical Engineering program, she is working hard to succeed and overcome gender stereotypes.

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