Unless you have participated in a relay event before or you run on a daily basis, you may not be familiar with the term runner’s diarrhea. However, if you always feel like going to the toilet right while you are running or right after it, then you have certainly experienced it. This issue is actually fairly common among runners and if you did not already, you now know that it has a name.

Why You Should Go To The Toilet Before A Relay Event?

Runner’s diarrhea is also referred to as runner’s trots. It refers to the urge to pass stool during or after a run. While not related, some runners even experience the urge to pee. No one really knows for sure what causes runner’s diarrhea. However, health experts believe that one of the reasons is that the internal organs get shaken up while running. Other explanations include the fact that runners are often anxious and stressed before events, and blood does not adequately flow to their intestines while they are running.

You can actually avoid experiencing runner’s diarrhea by making simple changes to your diet. For instance, you should avoid or limit eating foods that are rich in fiber the day before a racing or relay event. You should also avoid drinking consuming caffeine or eating high-fat foods before running.

When running you should also make sure that your clothes are comfortable and not too tight. Above all, make sure you go to the toilet before you run, and it will be even better if you there happens Kohler toilet in your home, or wherever you decide to go to the loo.

What Makes A Kohler Toilet So Special?

When it comes to their toilets, Kohler has always believed in utilizing modern technology to enhance classic designs with American standard. Rather than just totally revolutionizing the designs, they have believed in ensuring that their toilets retain their American identity. Whether it is their one-piece or two-piece toilets, or their touchless flush toilets, you will not be disappointed once you install and use a Kohler toilet.

Kohler toilets also happen to be quite economical and they are widely available. Kohler also takes pride in the bold look of their toilets. Most of their toilets, if not all, come with elongated bowls that tend to be longer, so the toilet itself tends to be longer.

When it comes to their toilets, the stylish options from Kohler are certainly outstanding, but their Intelligent Cleansing Seats and Toilets are even more exceptional. Kohler has an entire line of intelligent toilet. The seats of these toilets have a self-cleansing, smart bidet integrated into them. Users are also able to personalize the bidet so that they may receive their desired water pressure and temperature, to the same spot down below.

While there are a variety of different models, some of the typical features include an adjustable temperature heated seat, a dryer, and even an inner bowl nightlight. Apart from their smart toilets, Kohler also manufactures quite an economical, two-piece elongated toilet that they refer to as “The Complete Solution,” which really lives up to its nickname.


Thus, you can only imagine what it would be like to relieve yourself while seated on a two-piece Kohler toilet, or their intelligent toilet, especially if you are anxious and stressed about your relay event. Nonetheless, even if you do not have access to a Kohler toilet, make sure you empty your bladder and bowels before running in order to avoid experiencing runner’s diarrhea.