A paddle relay event in the town is to be organized for ping pong players. It will be held with the best arrangements. It will include many games like foosball, billiard plays, table tennis, shuffleboard(ttp://www.bestpingpongtables.review/shuffleboard) and balance relays. It is going to be very exciting and enthusiastic since all games are of different nature.

All the ping pong players shall be appearing in the reptile themed uniform. This theme is selected keeping in view the best choice of the honorable members of the Board.

 There is a variety of equipment available on market-related to the event. Paddles and ping pong balls have to be selected. Board members will be trying to get the best match in the relay.

 The standard requirements of ping pong paddle are discussed. It must be 85% natural wood. The blade must be flat. The paddle can be of any size and shape or weight. Board will decide to purchase a ready-made or customized ping pong paddle. They may decide to buy the paddles online from some big store that are in the business.

 For the foosball players, comfortable suits are planned to be procured. There is a wide choice available on the market regarding it. The Board is of the view that a quality and comfortable uniform lets you determine the best choice at a glance. Foosball is a very common game in our community. Youngsters from different age groups enjoy playing it in their spare times, just like playing against the wall.

 Billiard plays are on the cards in the event. We have some amazing players of the game in town. Lots many people have shown interest in watching the games live. A pool table is arranged by the Board. It is of the standard size of the 10×5 foot having a playing surface of 2.84 meters by 1.42 meters with a 5-millimeter allowance.

 There are many kinds of games that are on the list which will be played in the relay that is recommended by the Pros.Opinions of the club were sought and being more in number and on the recommendation of the pros, a lot of time has been allocated to ping pong paddle relay. Spoon to spoon, spoon transport, fan propulsion, and Spoon & Table Tennis Ball Relay will be included in the list of games.

 Billiard plays will be started by the end of the relay. Board has made a list of the best players and those who are interested. Board is looking for a good table. They want to make sure that the relay is an outclass one.

 A few of the players had forwarded a requirement for ping pong robot. They are a very useful training aid. Such robots come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. Board is to take a decision soon about the need to procure it. Ping pong robots are usually very expensive. These robots are placed on the table. They have a collection of balls inside them. It needs to be refilled when all the balls have been used up. These robots have a very long life. Hence the Board may decide in the favor of purchasing it since it will be used later on as well in future relays.